Vacancy Vacancy Wed, 01 Feb 2023 20:45:52 +0530 en-us Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Technicians - Mechanics 5 Nos and Electrician 5 nos Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Technician performs duties on all GSE and AGSE supporting the CH-47 aircraft. Duties/responsibilities: Responsible for functioning as aviation ground support equipment (AGSE) repairer and maintainer. Troubleshoots, inspects and performs unit level maintenance on AGSE to include but not limited to the Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU), Generic Aircraft Nitrogen Generator (GANG), aircraft towing systems, jacks, maintenance stands, Engine wash carts, etc. Performs all applicable maintenance tasks IAW applicable TM s, etc. Applies corrosion preventative procedures. Cleans, preserves, and stores GSE/AGSE equipment. Uses and performs operator maintenance on ground support equipment, common and special tools. Maintains facilities for storage of returnable and hazardous materials. Requisitions and maintains shop and bench stock for repair of GSE/AGSE. Prepares requests for turn-in and repair parts for GSE/AGSE equipment. Uses common measuring tools necessary for performing the tasks described herein, precision measuring tools and alignment fixtures. Assists Customer in the requisition and maintenance of shop and bench stock items for repair of GSE/AGSE. Uses and performs operator maintenance on common and special tools, AGSE and PGSE. Ensures that GSE/AGSE activities and procedures among designated organizations are planned, coordinated, integrated, and synchronized to achieve established platform operational readiness (OR) rates IAW contractual requirements. Responsible for the compliance with established maintenance systems, processes, procedures and reports that provide immediate situational awareness of platform OR rates. Establishes daily GSE/AGSE maintenance operational goals, objectives and priorities for implementation in order to achieve stated OR rates. Oversees the daily GSE/AGSE maintenance management of individually assigned aircraft in support of the Maintenance Supervisor, in conjunction with Aviation Logistics for related